The Original Mels is even more exciting than it has been at any time in its 66 year history. With locations throughout Northern California and Reno, The Original Mels restaurants are an icon of life during the fabulous fifties in American.

Take a scroll down memory lane, or better yet, jump in the car and cruise over to your local Original Mels and escape to a time when fun was allowed, the food was simple and delicious and the service was friendly and fast.

wall of reno dinner

Part of our heritage is one of the best coming of age movies every made, American Graffiti, by George Lucas. And the Original Mels locations all sport memorabilia of the time the movie was set. Eating at The Original Mels is as much about the American culture as it is about great food and service. Join us today!

american graffi movie still
American Graffi Movie still
hot fudge sundue